Implant Supported Denture

Implant supported dentures, also known as Hybrid dentures is a denture that attaches directly to implants. It is a full denture that includes both prosthetic teeth and life-like gums that completely cover the upper and/or lower jaw(s).

Implant-supported dentures offer several advantages, such as:

  • They don’t slip like traditional dentures can
  • They help prevent bone loss in your jaw because the implants mimic your natural teeth roots and stimulate the nerves in your jaw.
  • They look like natural teeth
  • They restore oral health, function, and appearance
  • They last much longer than traditional dentures
  • Patients appreciate being able to eat, talk and smile with confidence

With this type of denture, you don’t take them out. You will brush them just like natural teeth and you can clean underneath them using floss threaders, interproximal brushes and other special cleaning tools.