Portland Dentistry by Design is proud to announce we will be offering all natural facial rejuvenation procedures, as a CARE Esthetics Provider!

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a safe, minimally invasive, chemical free treatment that encourages collagen production in the skin. Microneedling is delivered with a handheld device which contains several very small needles that micropuncture the skin. The needles microscopically penetrate the skin, creating channels, to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. The treatment has become a popular cosmetic procedure as an ideal source for a smoother, firmer, more refreshed appearance.

Treatment is administered by a trained medical expert.  Microneedling should not be a painful process, at CARE Esthetics, we only use the leading microneedling device to give our patients better comfort during treatment.

Microneedling with PRF Treatment

Microneedling is enhanced with platelet rich fibrin.  It is overall a simple procedure in which we extract a sample of your blood to process your Bio-PRF, which we then apply to your facial skin. Next, we use DermaPen to puncture your skin using a vibrating stamp-like motion. During this process, needles penetrate the skin at over 1000 insertions per second, which allows the PRF that is applied topically to be absorbed more easily and readily in the skin.

Microneedling and PRF are highly effective treatments individually, but combining them creates a powerful solution to a variety of skin issues.

Microneedling with PRF can treat the following skin problems:

-Sun Spots
-Acne Scars
-Visible Pores
-Wrinkles and Fine Lines

What are the Benefits of Microneedling with PRF?

Microneedling with PRF carries several benefits for people who desire to have a natural-looking, rejuvenated complexion without undergoing extremely invasive procedures.  These natural, but noticeable, results leave you looking revitalized and glowing. This treatment usually takes less than one hour and has minimal downtime.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Tightens skin for a younger, more toned appearance
  • Provides lift to the eye area for a refreshed look
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Minimal downtime
  • Appropriate for a wide range of skin tones and types
  • Improved skin color, texture, and tone
  • Reduced wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and scars
  • Increased collagen production
  • Improved skin health and appearance

What Should I Expect After a Microneedling Procedure?

After your PRF Microneedling treatment, you will immediately experience skin tightness. You may also experience skin redness similar to a mild sunburn for 1-2 days. Nevertheless, the PRF will drastically enhance your body’s natural regenerative proteins and growth factors, so expect improvement within the next 3 days. Your recovery time will depend on your skin color and condition, but you may fully heal within 24 hours post-therapy, especially if you follow an appropriate post-treatment skin care routine.

How Long do the Effects of PRF Last?

Within 24 hours, patients will begin to notice an immediate glow in their skin. Collagen production will reach its peak around 2-4 weeks post-therapy and will continue for up to 6 months.

*For optimal results it is recommended to complete a series of 3 sessions; 1 session every 4-6 weeks.  Followed by once every 6 months*