Portland Dentistry by Design is proud to announce we will be offering all natural facial rejuvenation procedures, as a CARE Esthetics Provider!

What are Fotana Lasers?

Fotona lasers are non-invasive tools with special functions used in facial esthetic procedures such as lightening scars, reducing acne, tightening and volumizing the skin, and removing spider veins.

Instead of one, Fotona lasers incorporate two light wavelengths in their system, enhancing their capability to produce superior regenerative results without the need for surgery.

Fotana Laser Therapy

CARE Esthetics clinics only use Fotona lasers in our laser therapy treatments to ensure the best outcomes in addressing various skin imperfections such as:

Unwanted moles, hairs, and facial veins
-Noticeable age spots
-Deep forehead wrinkles
-Visible crow’s feet

-Dark, baggy eyes
-Pronounced marionette lines
-Prominent laugh lines
-Thin, flat lips

Benefits of Laser Treatments

Fotana Lasers are highly advanced tools that deliver extraordinary results!

Reasons to try Fotana laser Therapy:

  • Tested and proven system with over 50 years of clinical documentation
  • High-precision, tissue-selective treatments
  • Minimally invasive treatments with short durations
  • Entirely natural way to stimulate collagen production
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased patient comfort during procedures